*Eunoia is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five vowels. It means beautiful thinking. This blog is a collection of just that, beautiful thinking from the worlds of art, advertising and culture.

Google : Earth Day 2014

Google had so much culture built in from the beginning. The Google doodles always delight and inform which makes them doubly brilliant. I am partial to the earth day doodle. The illustration is so delicate and the animation make the creatures come alive. The puffer fish is my absolute favorite.

So This Is How They Do It. Zebras Getting Stripes

via Robert Krulwich, NPR:

In Rudyard Kipling’s version, a gray, horsey-looking beast went into “a great forest ‘sclusively full of trees and bushes and stripy, speckly, patchy-batchy shadows,” stayed there awhile, and after a “long time”… got stripy.

OK. Not bad.

Here’s another notion, this one from Ricardo Solis, an artist working in Guadalajara, Mexico. He says a team of highly intelligent, “mini-me” creatures got itself a roll of black ribbon. Using giant scissors, the mini-me’s cut themselves long slivers, which, dropped from a blimp, they pasted on a horse.

Minions helping out Mother Nature. Love it. Long live illustration and whimsy.

Abbott Fund: “Rage against the dying of the Light”

This quiet spot pulls you in from “Do not go gentle into that good night” opening sentence. I typically don’t post anthem spots here, but this one is different. It’s an anthem to the people of the Muhimbill National Hospital who go to extraordinary measures to save lives. The voice over is extraordinary.

I asked PJ Pereira: “Why is it your goal to promote yourself to the position of copywriter at your own agency?”

I met PJ at the inaugural One Show Creative Leaders Retreat in Tucson this past February. He was one of my favorite mentors. I loved his candor and passion for the industry and his agency. I asked him when he would know that he’d made it, and he said, “When I am promoted to copywriter at my agency.” Of all the amazing things I’d heard that weekend, this was one of the most provocative thoughts. Last week, I interviewed him over Skype to have him expand his thoughts on this topic. Our industry tends to only have one path to success: promotion to creative direction. We need to come up with ways that people can feel career success without becoming a creative director. This interview is only the beginning of a much needed dialogue and change that needs to happen around this topic.  

imagePJ Pereira Founder and CCO of Pereira & O’Dell, which was featured in Creativity and Ad Age A-Lists in 2013. He also serves on the Board of the One Club.

SUVA: “Tripping Accidents” 


“In Switzerland, more people are injured each year in tripping accidents than in car accidents. For prevention tips, visit www.stolpern.ch

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland

Sounds like me. Exquisite propping and photography. 

(via nikolaydievski)

Confederation Studio : Wotton Brewery

How can you not adore packaging for beer based on beard style?

via The Drum

These diagrams reveal how to communicate with people around the world. 

Business Insider:

In support of cultural studies, he writes: “By focusing on the cultural roots of national behavior, both in society and business, we can foresee and calculate with a surprising degree of accuracy how others will react to our plans for them, and we can make certain assumptions as to how they will approach us. 

Wish they had charts for clients, husbands, teenagers and coworkers.

via swiss miss

Building Tomorrow: #GiveUsYourTomorrow


Bare your beadhead, challenge your friends, and help Building Tomorrow build schools in East Africa. #giveusyourtomorrow #bare your bed head

Full disclosure- this campaign was done by Y&L. While I don’t normally post about our own work, this is A. Fun, and B. Worthy of your attention. George Srour, founder of Building Tomorrow believes that the best antidote for poverty is education. 6 years ago, he started BT to help build schools in rural Uganda, the youngest population in the world. Half of the population is under the age of 15.

What can you do? Challenge 4 of your friends on social media, to bare their bedhead on social media for 24 hours. When they do that, you pay up $2 for every friend who posts.

The Clinton Global Initiative has challenged us to help Building Tomorrow build 60 schools by 2016. By our account, we have 45 schools to go. It takes 35,000 Bedhead selfies to build a school. 

Designing for the Grand Budapest Hotel

Creative Review:

This film was particularly fun, I think, from a graphics point of view, because we were creating this entirely fictional country that Wes had written - the State of Zubrowka. It meant that every little detail had to be made from scratch - flags, banknotes, postage stamps, everything. 

Annie may be my new hero. She was an art director at McCann in Iceland, and decided to change the course of her career by going to film school. Working with Wes Anderson would be a dream, but her creativity and design on every little detail of each scene is extraordinary. I will never watch a film the same way again, and I can’t wait to see this one.

Camper Together: A Model of Collaboration


Camper Together responds to a new international reality that requires the capacity to integrate through design, different cultures and creative know-how into a single project together with and organization capable of communicating and distributing unique initiatives to a select global marketplace.

Camper created the global designer collaboration, Together, which isn’t necessarily a new strategy, but allowing the guest designer to design shoes, and space? That’s new. 

I have been an avid fan of Oki Sato for a while. Every category he touches with his design is better for it. Camper is a brand that’s killing it right now. I think they’re going to be around for a long time because of it.